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Empower your game’s features and speed up development with our open-source modules


Launch New Worlds
Starter is a launchpad empowering blockchain-based games to raise capital by granting investors and players early access to tokens and in-game assets.


Web3 Game Made Easy
Builder enables game creators to integrate their games with blockchain effortlessly, without requiring blockchain developers. It provides all tools to manage game assets.


AI Game Assets Design
Creator utilizes generative AI for effortless design of unique game assets, streamlining the process for developers, letting them focus on core gameplay in immersive environments.


Sale Royalties
Marketplace allows creators and developers to join Lakea's ecosystem marketplace or build their own with a customized layout, features, and earn royalties on each sale.

Discover cutting edge Technology

Lakea is an ecosystem to bring the next generation of games to Web3

An open-source, plug-and-play platform designed for easy creation, launching, and interaction with virtual worlds and digital assets. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, Lakea simplifies and accelerates the process of implementing and managing digital assets and token economies. We provide the essential technical infrastructure and tools that games need to ensure a successful launch and engaging player experience. Explore our open-source resources today!

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