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Space Center

Prepare to launch and explore. The Space Center is the place where you can find the best opportunities to become part of our ecosystem. There you will have access to our Launchpad, Marketplace and much more. Soon available with all functionalities.

Lakea Astronaut

Launch with Lakea

Have a game that you want to make into web3? Apply to join Lakea’s ecosystem and launch it with our technology and support.

Lakea Spaceship
Game Developers
Easily deploy your game on the blockchain with our tools and solutions for codeless integration combined with support and guidance from our team.
Publishers & Brands
Establish a metaverse presence for your company and surround it with different products and experiences by creating your own customizable Galaxy with Lakea.
Investors & Players
Stay aware of the new Galaxies and Worlds, bringing different assets and experiences to the metaverse, so you can engage early and collaborate with them.

Be part of the (r)evolution!