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We believe the metaverse should be a digital universe, not a digital world.

Our mission is to support the creation of multiple Virtual Worlds with sustainable economies based on community ownership and valuable gameplay experiences. This will bring new possibilities for developers, creators and players to meaningfully collaborate through different projects and build for the long term.

Why Lakea?

Lakea derives from Laniakea, the supercluster of galaxies of our own Milky Way. We are laying out all the necessary infrastructure, guidance and support for studios and publishers to embrace blockchain and new business models based on community ownership. A complete ecosystem of self-managed Galaxies and Virtual Worlds, where users can own, build or earn assets and rewards - having fun is essential.

Mission timeline

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Stars and Life Formation

As the first games are launched and the Universe expands, Star Systems are developed and life arises. It becomes easier to create your own environment on the metaverse, with blockchain automations to create assets and token economies. This will bring more interactions and the birth of the Aliens of Laniakea (NFTs - Avatar Collection).
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The Big Bang

Lakea is launching! After casting the crew and building solid relationships with our first partners, we are ready to go. This era is marked by our project release, the birth of the first Galaxies and the announcement of our Launchpad - where game studios and publishers will launch Worlds and Galaxies for participants to have early-access to assets and currencies.
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Laniakea Supercluster

The future is arriving. First, we will announce a 3D map of our Supercluster, gathering all the Galaxies and Worlds around the Lakea's Space Hub. Together with the community, we will design more utility for the token and collaborate with other projects on Solana to create the best experiences and opportunities. Brands and investors will be invited to engage.
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Civilization Arises

Life evolves to complex societies and intergalactic relations. Further partnerships bring initial growth, with more projects and people joining us. Governance must come in place to empower and nurture our community, building the foundations for civilization to prosper and last much longer. We will provide the framework with our whitepaper and native token.

And this is just the beginning…

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Metaverse Space Journey

With space travel experiences and a diverse range of live events, intergalactic governance meetings and immersive shopping experiences, we will transform web3 into a fun business! Players, builders and investors will be able to explore the digital universe and have different types of interaction with assets and investment opportunities on Galaxies, Stars and Planets.

Core Team

Luis Roloff
Co-Founder & CEO
Lucas Toledo
Co-Founder & CTO
Wilson "xadz" Neto
Jim Bruno Goldberg
Head of Operations
Ravena Costa
People Manager
Camila Goldman
Marketing Manager
Lucas Barbosa
Project Manager
Helenah Costa
Marketing Assistant
Vinícius de Luca
Economics Analyst
Gabriele Bernardes
Product Designer
Gesiel Rosa
Frontend Developer
Pedro Octávio
Backend Developer
Caio Felix
Backend Developer
Kin Tuda
Yasmin Steltenpool
3D Artist and Illustrator
Felipe "Felpy"
Gaming Specialist


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